Thursday, January 22, 2015


This was the email that I typed last week but my computer died when I was finishing. I´ll jsut leave it like this I guess hahah. Sorry!

So I could send home more than a paragraph and a half with lame jokes and half explained experiences, I voice-recorded a nice long and detailed message in my house witha  digital voice recorder and brought the file here and was all ready and good to go and I got here right now to try to send it and the file is too big and now I just wanna DIE haha. I bet I could compressw the file but number 1 I don´t remember how to do it quickly number 2 this computer is so slow that I think I might get epilepsy if I try to do it so sorry fo rthe short lame letter again but we´re all jsut gonna have to DEAL WITH IT hahah. My life is a such joke sometimes hahah
This past thursday, I hit my 21 month anniversary. IT WAS WEIRD. It was probably one of the weirdest days I haev had inj a long time. Every appointment fell, all of the members who were going to go with us didn´t show up, A lady taught us about the really weird ideas about the law of chastity that they have in her church, we got a shank (a toothbrush with a piece of jagged metal shoved in the back) pulled on us in a dark cornered alley, and many more great and important things pertaining to the kingdom. Speaking of which, I officially have memorized all of the articles of faith in spanish. Took me long enough, but I did it! Yopal is the coolest, I love it here so much.

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