Thursday, January 22, 2015

This year is the crazy future year from Back to the Future

HAPPY 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was a lot like round 2 of Christmas for me, when you are in Colombia and a misionary, the two dates just seem like repeats hahha. Food, parties you can´t go to, parties you wouldn´t want to go to, and food. I feel like just about every day this past week I have eaten sancocho (its like a soup with chicken and stuff that everyone makes on special occasions) and it is DELISH. 

These pst few weeks, my comp and I have been tryiong to worka  lot more with the members here in the city, especially with less active members and we have seen a lot of results and also had some really funny experiences. About a month ago, we met a family where the dad is a member adn turns out that now he is like basically the new pastor of a big church but he still really likes us and wants us to visit him! Hopefully we can make his congregations studyt he Book of Mormon too!

I am terrible about writing letters but I love you all!

Elder Prack

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