Thursday, January 22, 2015


(The title has nothing to do with me being an iron man, I am the same little kid I´ve always been, its just a cool line. I someday hope to get to be at least copperish)
This letter will be a bit longer as a form of restitution so I can make my repentance complete. PLEASE FORGIVE MY WEAKNESS IN WRITING
This week we had a cool experience with a great family. They are a yound family who had been a little disanimated and weren´t attending every sunday for their jobs. They don´t have the best jobs and especially during december they had to work a LOT and it has kinda been hard on them down a bit spiritually. This past week they invited us to lunch got to eat with them, and they told us that they had been passing through a lot of trials and it was a miracle that they there was food on the table that day and a miracle that there had been enough for everyone. talking to them and listening to their faith and their trials, it just miraculous. It sounds so lik cheesy but I was just super humbled to see everything they do. They have been through so much and their only goal in life right now is to get to go to the temple and get sealed as a family. It was just a super special experience and as cheesy and cliché it sounds, it was powerful, yo.
Remember when you were in High School and their was drama? Remember how lame that was? Yeah well sometimes people forget that it was lame and then we have drama. NEWS FLASH ITS LAME jk i just have gotten to the point where i just like dont care about any of that stuff. Man I´m so mature that it hurts
I AM A PRO ROOF BUILDER. If I had talking hammers and stuff as well, I would put old Bob the builder to shame
I love when people ask questions. There are very few things as a missionary that make me happier than a sincere question. This week we had a bunch of appointments with people who had super cool questions that are like super deep and it was just like the best. I just love that. I guess they saw that talk from our buddy Elder Russell from a few years ago, "Ask the missionaries, they can help you!" (When he gave that talk I had my all in my hand and was waiting to go out and I yelling at the TV, "Stop telling them that, I am going to have to answer so many hard questions when I get out!" MY HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED)
Que pena I gotta go, the owner of the internet place is asking a bunch of questions about us and the church (speaking of the devil, am i right??) and I gotta go baptize him. TTYL
I love you all!
Elder Pratt
PS 7

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