Thursday, January 22, 2015


So. Today I have atrunky shout out. TODAY I hit 20 months of being here in Colombia. 20. I feel sooo old and it is weird cause it goes by sooo fast. BUT TIME TO FOCUS BACK IN CAUSE I STILL GOT 5 MORE TO GOOO!!!!

This week, I had probably one of the most funny (not funniest, but most funny. I am trying to practice my English) experiences/miracles of my recent life. SO we went to visit and old investigator who was in a nasty motocycle accident (popped her left shoulder out of its socket and they didn´t pop it back, scrapped up her arm like crazy, bad news bears) to give her a priesthood blessing. We were sitting outside on a bench and some chairs on their like front porch and talked and at the end, she asked that we give her the blessing and that I could do the first part. Perfect. So I go stand behind her to the left a bit to do the blessing and I take out my oil, I took the top off, and right before putting the drop on, I jsut like paused and I didn´t know why. I just like held up, not even like "I felt the prompting to wait" or anythign, I just like waited. Then, a few seconds later out of NOWHERE, something hits me SUUUPER hard on the back of my head, and heavy like it felt like bones or something. I was suuuper confused and was like looking around when I saw the dumb neighbors cat on the ground, running up the tree to get on the roof again. It turns out the little punk was sitting on the edge of the roof and for no good reason at all just decided to fall off and hit my head like soooo hard. All of us started laughing soo hard adnit was so weird and funny, but then we realized that if I hadn´t had waited, the cat would´ve interrupted the blessing, and, most important of all, if I hadn´t been standing there behind the sister in that exact place to the left of her at that time, and hadn´t been leaving over a bit, the cat would´ve fallen directly on her dislocated shoulder and destroyed arm and well you can just imagine the pain she wouold´ve felt (becuase I give testimony that it was a fat cat an my head hurt for real after). It was a Christmas miracle. I love everything in life :)

That is basically the only story I felt was worthy of telling this week in the short time I had. I hope you enjoyed it and can look always for th small miracles in your lives, just like fat cats that fall on your head. 


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