Thursday, January 22, 2015


I don´t have a bike.

Anyway, my life is a craziness. Today, two really good buddies who have been here in Yopal with me for a while and in other areas with me and close by, are finishing the mission. Tonight, they are traveling to Bogotá and this weekend they go back. It is like suuuper weird, but you just kinda go with it. I have know them both since like I started and now they are going home. It makes me feel oldish sometimes.... BUT they are the losers because their time ran out and I still got time to cook, BOOM!

This week, in a lesson with a famliy, we asked the 13 year old son (who was NOT paying attention), "Why do we go to church?" He looked up fast and said, "Becauuuuuuuuuuuuuse JESUS!" SOLID ANSWER but I remembered that show Kids Say the Darndest Things like instantly. I LOVE YOU; BILL COSBY.

Yesterday, we had a bunch of people go to church for the first time which was SICK we were suuuuper pumped especially because their was a special satellite conference for Colombia and it was super cool BUT we live in Yopal where internet in general in just like a failure so this signal was like coming and going for like the whole thing and it makes it super hard to focus and stuff but that´s okay, the parts we did hear were super awesome. Elder Holland tore it up along with Elder Nash, Sister Wixom, and Elder Pino. 

(Random thought: sometimes amidst my grammar errors in English due to my Latin life, I remember things. Like right now I just remember oxford commas, such a dilemna that even Vampire Weekend wrote a song about it. I am a fan of Oxford commas and they aren´t a thing in Spanish and it makes me sad. But it´s okay. I guess.)

I swear my life isn´t as boring nowadays as I probably make it sund in my letters, telling really lame stories that make me laugh just because I´m tired, but I swear that my life is stilll crazy and cool and for real I can say that coming and staying on a mission is one of the best life-choices I´ve made to this point. I love it here so much and I just love my colombian life. So many weird things happen daily that are just so normal to me that are like crazy and/or illegal in the states and I just love it, like playing frogger on big streets, like buying bootleg "nike" jerseys, like playing micro football every monday, like sleeping on my chinchorro every night, etc. And that is without mentioning the just the gratifying feeling that I get serving the people. I just love ti when I can start to see the little changes they are making in their lives and it makes me just fel so happy. life is good, my friends. Life is good.

I hope this is the best week ever in your entire life, or at least you can see it that way!

(catchy tagline), 
Elder Pratt


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